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Meet the Founder

Ariana Rivera
Lead Licensed Esthetician

at Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar

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Meet the Founder


Ariana Rivera Lead Licensed Esthetician at Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar.

As a results driven Esthetician creating a safe space where all are welcome, and providing a luxury service while
keeping it trendy is my biggest goal.

Committed to excel in the Beauty Industry while providing exceptional service, educating my beautiful guests and
fulfilling their self care needs. I strive to provide a service through which my guests can feel my passion for the
industry and my love for their skin - Ariana Rivera

Puerto Rican, Born and Raised in The Bronx, Ariana is today’s it-esthetician for anyone who wants gorgeous, glowing skin that endures. She been obsessed with beauty products since she was a child. As she grew up, she was unsure of what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She went to esthetics school for makeup, but really fell in love with skincare and taking care of people one-on-one, and that was that. She gave herself a year once she got licensed to see how it would be and she never looked back.

At the heart of everything Ariana does, is her dedication to health & well-being. She’s committed to celebrating all women, every age and ethnicity, and in every unique form. What’s beautiful to Ariana is when a woman feels good about herself, and feels absolutely amazing, and comfortable in her own skin

Her non-invasive techniques - paired with her effective skin care products - result in healthy, glowing skin for everyone.

It has always been a dream of hers to create her own space to treat her beautiful guests. Here we are 2 years in the making of her passion project.

Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar has come to life.

Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar is an umbrella of all things beauty from skincare, to hair removal, makeup, body treatments and so much more to come we look forward to having you along for this journey


We look at you as the source of healthy skin. Inspired by nature and non-genetic influences such as nutrition and lifestyle as ways to improve the skin. Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar wants to empower an individual's own process and functionality to create beautiful skin inside and out.

Skin is always changing due to internal and external factors like environment, age, habits, emotions, health, etc. Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar’s personalized + highly effective programs - not rigid regimens - respond to skin’s needs right now and adjust as life does.


An unprecedented marriage of effective ingredients and non-invasive technologies that bring noticeable results. Ariana’s 3 year career as a working esthetician has allowed her to refine her skills, artistry - and in combination with great ingredients - she has developed techniques for profound and lasting results.

No parabens or ingredient toxins. Only ingredients that support your best and highest health.

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Customer Reviews

“I had an amazing experience at Bare Aesthetics Beauty Bar! The staff was so friendly and professional, and my facial left my skin glowing. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for quality beauty treatments.”


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